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Kitchen Renovations

Whether you are thinking of selling your home, just made a move, or will be staying at your current home for years to come, you may be thinking of renovating your kitchen. Renovations don't have to take months or cost thousands of dollars. E...

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Simplify Your Lowes Shopping Experience

This is a MUST if you are considering any type of home renovation project. You'll save so much TIME! You can take it a step further and find a great store employee to be your "personal shopper". Not only will they direct you to the correct a...

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Financing Roadmap

Home Buyers Guide to Financing. This video is GREAT for first time homebuyers, who maybe are unsure of what to expect when getting pre-qualified for a home loan. For more information or to be put into contact with my preferred lender,  cal...

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Moving Tips

Packing for a big move does not have to take months. This may come as a shock, but in many homes, it can be done in a weekend or less. I’m speaking from experience on this one. The last time our family moved, we did it in one day. I’ve a...

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Home Staging

What is the difference between wowing your potential buyers or leaving them guessing? Watch my video on home staging below. Please subscribe to see future content. Thank you! As always, I'm here for any questions you may have! Feel free to c...

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Barn Door Tips

Tired of the same old sliding and french doors? Barn Doors are a great way to add personality to a living space. In this video, I have added a barn door from the master bedroom, leading to the master bathroom.

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