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3D Tour

3D Tours are an incredible way to showcase your property and save Buyer’s time and money from traveling to your location; Immersive Virtual Reality has emerged as the go-to technology to visually present a property.

Innovative Scan Process

3D Tour product engineers have worked around the clock to create a scanning process that is fast and, above all, effortless. Great scans start with beautifully staged spaces.

In order to start the scan process, the 3D camera is placed in various, evenly spaced positions throughout a location. The Capture app is then used on an iPad to control the camera. When the “Scan” button is pressed, the camera will automatically rotate on its tripod, ensuring a reliable and stable image.

The “Mesh”

A 3D Tour “textured mesh” is the result of all the spatial data that is collected by the camera and processed through the 3D Tour cloud software. A textured mesh is a dimensionally precise, 3D map of a space that is characterized by a set of polygons onto which 3D Tour software overlays color the textures. The textured mesh consists of walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as all of the separate objects within the actual space being captured. 3D Tour editing software then projects the spherical 2D photography that the camera collects onto the textured mesh to provide photographic visual quality within the 3D Tour space.

The Dollhouse

From a seamless web application, customers can preview a photographic floorplan, then see the property from a completely one of a kind 3D “Dollhouse” floor plan view, getting an entire understanding of the layout of the property before jumping inside.

Guided Tours

With a guided tour, viewers can press play, sit back, and have the major features guide you through the property. 3D Tour “Guided Tours” gives you another way to help you visualize a true 3D Tour. With the highlight reel feature, audiences are pointed toward that wide-ranging view from the second-floor study.